jeudi 18 mars 2010

Still Life une présentation d'Amel Bouazizi à la Singer Sweat Shop à Rotterdam.

Le 26 Mars dernier, Amel Bouazizi a présenté sa nouvelle collection pour l'hiver 2010-2011, lors d'une présentation à la SingerSweatShop à Rotterdam.

Coming from a background in fashion design and fine art,
Amel Bouazizi searches a space where she can freely explore her inspirations.
She experiments with a wide variety of forms in which her fascination for the body can be expressed.
Looking to her contemporary art and fashion practice, she explores the possibilities of sculpture, photography, film, performance and clothes.

STILL LIFE is an installation piece that contains several clothing pieces and looks for winter ‘10/11. The designs are inspired by the book Wuthering Heights of Emily Brontë. The pieces shows how I interpreted the intimate relations that are described in this beautyfull novel. This womens collections is therefore based on a new kind of nostalgics and melancholic for next winter season.

Assisting Amel with the decoration will be Augusta Wind, also known as BIEFSTUK, who speacializes in fooddesign. In addition to this, Augusta will be cooking soup for everyone attending.

Photo: Yahampath Prasanna

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